Our history

Our shop at the basis of Rialto's bridge, in San Polo district, is part of the history of Venice, this magical city we all love so much. In the same structure as today, with the same wooden sign above the door, Mr. Giorgio Ceccato started his business with a jewelery shop in 1866.

An invoice by a carpenter found in the historical archives of the company, testifies to an initial restructuring that started the trade in the clothing sector.

It was during 1897 and Mr. Giorgio entrusted the business to his son, Emilio. At that time, the shop was a kind of an haberdashery, a place where you could find everything that was sought after and with a high aesthetic value, a feature it still retains today.

Entering the Emilio Ceccato shop in Rialto is really like stepping into Venetian history, the true, authentic one.

For this reason, in recent years we have become an Official Partner of the Gondoliers Association. Two Venetian realities rooted in history that work in synergy to support Venice with the common goal of protecting this delicate city, its history and its professions.